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08/23/2019 08:43 AM
Pete Buttigieg Is Going All In On The Youth Mental Health Crisis
In an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue, 2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg talked about his plan to address the nation’s mental health crisis.
08/23/2019 09:05 AM
Taylor Swift's New Album "Lover" Is Out and Here's All the Hidden References You Missed
Taylor Swift has released her seventh album "Lover" after much fanfare; we broke down all 18 tracks for their hidden allusions.
08/23/2019 10:11 AM
Taylor Swift's New Song 'The Man' Calls Out Leonardo DiCaprio in Saint Tropez and Sexist Double Standards
On Taylor Swift's new album "Lover," she name-checks Leonardo DiCaprio to call attention to how women are perceived in society.
08/23/2019 10:49 AM
Artist Mónica Hernández On Her Art, Upbringing, and Exploring Taboos in Latinx Communities
The rising art star is known for examining the fear ingrained behind the concepts of sex, religion, menstruation and more.
08/23/2019 11:37 AM
Missy Elliott's "Iconology" Prioritizes Black Art and Identity
It introduces the audience to the idea that young Black girls are often chastised and ridiculed for exhibiting out-of-the-box thinking and behavior—something that Missy has always represented.
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08/25/2019 03:06 PM
My mom thinks when i am on reddit that I am texting with a girl

When i am on reddit i love to go on new and just have a chat with the people there. So that would mean a lot of Notifications and constant typing to just talk with people. But doing this for a while she thinks that i am texting a girl... and she wont let it pass. What should i do to let her know this aint the reason i am typing all the time?!?

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TeenIssues Latest Articles and News

TeenIssues Latest Articles and News

What Teenagers Want to Know .

04/07/2016 12:00 AM
What Makes People Self Harm?
There is no single, identifiable reason that all self harmers hurt themselves. This article discusses some reasons that self harmers may choose to engage in harmful behaviours.


Why wait to live a centsible life?

10/25/2018 09:00 AM
Fun and Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is right around the corner, and believe it or not, it can get pretty expensive when it comes to costumes. Last year I spent about $50 total on my costume, so this year, I want to save as much as I can. I began thinking, and thought what […]

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11/01/2018 09:00 AM
Apps Worth The Phone Space

Life as a teen can seem expensive. It can be hard to go out when all you have is a part-time job. But you don’t have to sacrifice fun for saving. There are so many great apps that you can use to save money. Here are my favorite apps worth the phone space. Moe’s Moe’s […]

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11/08/2018 09:00 AM
How You Can Coupon in High School

At the beginning of August, I started attending my arts boarding high school, and it has drastically changed my life. It’s my dream high school, but living on campus on a budget is not so easy. By living on campus, I have developed so much independence. It has been great, but I have also had […]

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11/22/2018 09:00 AM
7 Ways to Make Black Friday Less Chaotic

Black Friday is often synonymous with chaos and frantic shopping. However, it also offers the opportunity for great deals and a lot of fun! After all, there are lots of ways to tone down the crazy on Black Friday. Here are seven tips to make your Black Friday experience as smooth as possible. 1. Research […]

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11/29/2018 09:00 AM
How to Get a Job at Viva Chicken

Sometimes, a job just isn’t a good fit for you, no matter how hard you work at it. I had previously worked at Firehouse Subs, but I was not comfortable in that job due to its location and management style. I quit that job after trying to tough it out, and began to look for […]

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