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10/19/2018 10:49 AM
Bella Thorne Deals with Breakouts by Highlighting Her Freckles
In a new interview with the LA Times, Bella Thorne reveals that she has 19 cats and highlights freckles and beauty marks to distract from her acne.
10/19/2018 11:00 AM
The New iPhone XR Comes in 6 Colors and Is (Relatively) Affordable
During the keynote on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced new iPhones, the XS, XS Max, and XR, and Twitter is thrilled over the colorful XR's slightly lower price.
10/19/2018 11:30 AM
Donald Trump Said Greg Gianforte, the Republican Who Body-Slammed a Reporter, Is "My Kind of Guy"
At a Montana rally for the 2018 midterms, Trump displayed how his campaign rhetoric attacking the press hasn't changed since 2016.
10/19/2018 11:50 AM
Rihanna Wore an Unreleased Fenty Beauty Item on Her October "Allure” Cover
Fenty Beauty revealed that Rihanna had been wearing an unreleased liner from her Chill Owt makeup collection on the October "Allure" cover.
10/19/2018 12:03 PM
Women Describe How Hard it Was to Get Chronic Illness Diagnosed
Find out how this Twitter thread shows what potential sexism in the medical field looks like, and how it can make it hard to get a chronic illness diagnosed.
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r/teenagers: share your mind, share your memes

10/20/2018 11:11 PM
Why are parents so suspicious of what I do?

I can’t do anything without them asking, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” And “STOP FUCKING THE DOG.” Guys how do make my parents stop asking these questions?

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TeenIssues Latest Articles and News

TeenIssues Latest Articles and News

What Teenagers Want to Know .

04/07/2016 12:00 AM
What Makes People Self Harm?
There is no single, identifiable reason that all self harmers hurt themselves. This article discusses some reasons that self harmers may choose to engage in harmful behaviours.


Why wait to live a centsible life?

07/19/2018 09:02 AM
Life Insurance 101 For Teens

This is a guest post from my friend Eric Rosenberg, a personal finance blogger and podcaster at Personal Profitability in partnership with Mason Finance. He writes about personal finance, credit cards, entrepreneurship, and technology. When you’re a teen, some topics like insurance don’t seem all that important. But before you know it, things like life […]

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07/27/2018 02:59 PM
How To Save Money On Dorm Room Décor

We all know the season. It creeps up on you while you’re chilling at the beach or out shopping with your friends. When I realized it I thought, “Woah, school is right around the corner, and I’ve bought nothing for my dorm room.” DIY Tapestry I then went to my favorite online shopping website, Amazon, […]

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08/09/2018 09:00 AM
Packing For College On A Budget

Just a few days before my high school graduation, I got the chance to tour the campus at my dream college and I decided that I was going to go there no matter what. Long story short, two and a half months before the fall semester, I applied, got accepted, everything, just before the fall […]

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08/16/2018 09:18 AM
Save Money With Dual Enrollment

You know what sounds scary? College. But I figured there was a way to help lessen that fear, or ease the stress. Take college courses while in high school! Dual Enrollment offers many other benefits as well, but even the process can be nerve wracking, so let me break it down. Dual Enrollment Options Most […]

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08/30/2018 09:00 AM
Dual Enrollment at Liberty University

Two years ago, in the summer after my tenth grade year, I signed up to be a full time online dual enrollment student through Liberty University. My mom found out about the EDGE program. It includes high school classes and college classes. She made a few phone calls and we discussed all the program had […]

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