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03/03/2021 02:54 PM
Democrats Have to Stop Rolling Over on Key Priorities
Without a $15 minimum wage, we’re stuck with the bare minimum — literally.
03/03/2021 04:46 PM
"Moxie" Star Nico Hiraga Thought a White Dude Would Play Seth
"I like that Seth is f*cking Asian. That's sick."
03/04/2021 07:00 AM
Remote Learning Is Linked to a New Wave of Cheating Scandals
Professors can now more easily detect when students share answers.
03/04/2021 08:00 AM
The Pandemic Is Making it Even Harder for Queer Youth to Get Health Care
“Everything LGTBQ youth deal with on a good day, they’re also dealing with now.”
03/04/2021 08:00 AM
For Students in Prison, Remote Learning Has Been a Disaster
“There is no way to compensate for the lack of human contact.”
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03/07/2021 05:53 AM
I'll spill some of my thoughts on controversial topics now. These are imo facts some of y'all are not ready to hear.

First of all: if you support K*ll all men, you are sexist and no better than the sexist men. If you say racism against whites doesn't exist, you are racist against them, if you say sexism to men doesn't exist, you are sexist to them. And if you're a part of LGBTQ and hate straight people, you are heterophobic.

Racism against whites exists

Sexism against men exists

Heterophobia exists

Ik these problems aren't as widespread as their counterparts but I've seen enough of all this bs and wanna spill my thoughts abt this on the internet. And before anyone comes here calling me sexist or racist or any other thing: I want complete and full equality to all sexualities, genders and races. I want equal rights, equal chances, equal opportunities but also equal responsibilities.

And now abt k/ll all men: to the women supporting this, yall are sexist and one of the reasons why feminism gets hated on. The misandrist women who hide behind feminism to be able to hate on men are no better than mysoginists and they are the reason why feminism gets hated on. Feminism is about equality and those man hating Women are the reason why there's so many people hating on feminism. Feminism is a good movement and I'm all for it but to the man haters: f/ck you. You're the reason feminism gets hated on and you're one of the reasons why equality won't be achieved. Because you think you can be a misandrist and hide behind feminism to be able to spread your sexism against men.

And then when a woman says "oh yeah with KAM we only mean the bad men" then a guy can also say "with r*pe all women we only mean the bad women" Does either of those statements make sense? No. Is either of those statements ok? no its not and if you think yes then you are sexist.

Oh and also: to the guys saying r*pe all women as a counter argument to k/ll all men, this shit ain't okay either. Neither of those arguments are okay and both of them are sexist and neither of them should be accepted.

If you're racist, sexist, Homophobic, transphobic or heterophobic, f*ck you.

If you say racism to a certain race doesn't exist, if you say sexism to a certain gender doesn't exist, if you say heterophobia doesn't exist, if you'd even say Homophobia doesn't exist (even tho I don't think anyone says that), f*ck you.

And don't you dare say you're for equality and then hate on a certain gender, sexuality or race. Because if you do so you are clearly not for equality.

Edit: another thing I wanted to add is that anyone can be a piece of shit person, no matter race, sexuality, nationality or gender or anything else, so don't immediately assume someone is a bad person because of their skin color, sexuality, gender or nationality. Because they could be the greatest person you'll ever meet. But they could also be a shit person yes. Don't judge people before you get to know them well

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04/07/2016 12:00 AM
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